New April Release

I hope you enjoy my new single, which you can get on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, Bandcamp etc. Feel free to share and to add it to your playlist. I learned this reel from “The Bothy Band”, who recorded it on their album “Out Of The Wind, Into The Sun” [Mulligan LUN013]. This amazing band was very influential on my musical journey. It can also be found in Francis O’Neill’s collection “The Dance Music of Ireland” [Lyon & Healy, 1907]. Normally played quite fast, I’ve calmed and slowed it down to allow the beauty of the melody shine through.

Jens Kommnick: The Morning Star

Now on Bandcamp

I am very excited to announce that all my music is now available on Bandcamp. Maybe you would like to follow me in order to be kept up to date with what I'm up to... Thank you ?

Now on Bandcamp

New February Release

I hope you enjoy this wonderful composition by Nollaig Casey which I learned from my friend and concertina player Georg Möllers. You find this release on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, etc. I like to dedicate this to my friend, the late Hans-Jörg Podworny and his family.

New Single

New single

I'm so excited to tell you about my newest single release on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, etc. This time I recorded a beautiful piece by 16th century composer and lutenist John Dowland: Come again. I hope you love this endearing melody as much as I do, even though I play it on a steel string guitar in the open DADGAD tuning.

Neue Single: Come again